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tv   European Journal  PBS  July 3, 2011 1:00pm-1:30pm PDT

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here he is training to be a sitter. the apprenticeship is tough going, but he likes it. >> i like a different aspect of the work, the welding, the assemblage and so on. i can't imagine doing anything else now >> kevin is his best friend. he is cool, he said. he is also training to be a fitter. when kevin leaves he'll be a skilled worker and guaranteed to get a job in switzerland. the other will be deported to kosovo. an outrage according to the director. he helped build up the project and thinks switzerland is wasting the potential of people like him. >> efforts are made to
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integrate these young people into swiss society. they're given job training and they're qualified to be a full-fledged member of society. what happens? they're deported. >> as it happens, he is currently costing swiss taxpayers about 400 euros per day. jail will be more expensive. this lawyer is on the committee currently drafting the new law on deportation and isn't too happy about it. >> unfortunately, 55% majority of the public are the voters in favor of this initiative. the formulation is relatively strict and inevitably one consequence will be that we will have to establish strict targets in the actual implementation. >> the legs to expel foreigners with a criminal record will have broad ramifications. two years ago, these two
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decided they wanted to get married in january, a law was induced barring swiss citizens from marrying immigrants are legal or semilegal status. he is also from kosovo. ahead of their wedding, they live in fear that he may be deported at every moment. >> not everybody thinks that it's ok that we're getting marrie they're doin evething they can to stop us. that's the impression we have. >> the point is to put a stop to sham marriages staged to secure sitship. behaving it means that swiss citizens are no longer free to choose who they marry. the organization strongly disapproves of the new law. >> it's clearly in breach of the european convention on
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human rights. it's also in breach of the constitution. >> for now, the couple are optimistic. but the threat of deportation casts a long shadow. >> we worry that every time we talk to the authorities, we'll be stopped. i am living with this fear. >> even organizations like this say there is little to be observed in day-to-day life in switzerland. now that the new deportation law is going ahead, increasing number of immigrants are opting for swiss citizenship. unless a miracle happens, he will be deported. he has no idea what he will do after that. >> i have no one there. i know no one. my relatives are all here in switzerland and germany and in france. >> all he can do is hope and hold out for that miracle.
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>> demonstrations, protests, strikes, the greeks aren't happy with the austerity measures demands as a price of the bailout. two years ago latvians out self-reliance before dependency and there were few protests and what's more, it worked. they can't see what the greeks are getting upset about. >> when this man wants to get away from his worries, he takes his harley davidson motorcycle out for a spin. the freedom and the open road is a distraction from the realities of everyday life in latvia. it's not the realities of local road conditions. for a while, his business was booming.
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many were spending their money freely. many of them were also borrowing heavily without being aware of the risks involved. then the global financial crisis hit. his business dropped by 80%, almost from one day to the next. >> we had to decide between closing up shop completely or firing some of our employees or cutting everyone's pay to below the legal minimum wage. >> he ended up keeping on about 1/3 of his original 32 employees. now they can only hope that latvians some day will have enough spare cash again. latvia was hit by financial crisis three years ago, long before any other european union members. it was a shock after the boon years following independence in 1991.
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>> wages have increased by 50% and most of it, most of the increases have nothing to do with the underlying productivity of the workers. so we're basically speaking about the excessive borrowing and lending which led to the real estate bubble and the wage bubble. >> now latvia is littered with skeletons of unfinished buildings, spectacular projects on what was touted as prime real estate, but their financers have lost sight of their actual value. this man used to be an --- woma used to be an accountant. now her company has closed. now she found her own solution. >> when my daughter was born, everyone said no you're not allowed to drink real coffee for as long i'm nursing. my grandma made her special kind of coffee. >> it was brewed from dandelion roots and a corns.
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it is a lot more healthier than the con veppingsal kind. they remember it from the soviet era. she is selling her special blend to grocery stores and restaurants in the area. she set aside the way business is growing. >> my business is expanding slowly. in the summer, i don't sell that much. most people start drinking more coffee in the autumn. >> so far, latvia has been spared the kind of protests that hit greece and spain when they were hit by the cries. resistance is building among the young people. protesters demonstrate against corruption and for an egalitarian economy. >> one of the organizers said the government's spending cuts
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have traumatized our economy. we have to develop our business again with the european union and its funds. >> they are looking for a smoother ride ahead. not just when he is out and about on his harley. >> a greek politician told me recently she'll be happy when athens and the square is full of tourists against instead of protesters now that greece is ready to wear the straitjacket to help their economy. tourist numbers are rising as some look for barges on this island, souvenir sellers and restaurant owners are doing well. >> this island, the pace of life here is gentle and
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relaxed. even greece's economic crisis seems a distant rumor because here money is being made and balance sheets are in the black. there was a 25% revenue surge and they are expecting a rise of 25%. hotel owners are pleased. >> the north africa crisis helped. those who planned on going here came here instead and we raised our profile as a tourist destination. >> the airport was expanded and last year served 680,000 tourists arriving in chartered planes. this year 800,000 are expected. discount airlines are adding it to their routes. this island in short is in. >> i don't think -- it's a good quality holiday and a good sea and with good people. i was just here so i will
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probably do it again in the next year. >> it's beautiful here. we know people. the food is delicious. the beach is great. the hotel is wonderful. >> shortly after north africa's troubles again, chartered companies rerouted their tourists. they jumped on the chance. >> we're doing everything we can to offer our guest who's planned on going to north africa a nice time here to get them to come back. >> last winter, the facilities were built and all of the buildings modernized. this holt, the second largest town on -- hotel in the second largest town on the island was given a face-lift. >> they want more if they're given good quality in return. >> managers recognize the trend and are organizing their events accordingly. they have a ceremony for the
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doctor that laid the groundwork for modern medicine 2,000 years ago. his oath is still taken by doctors the world over. italians were also given tax rebates. those who raised their standards from three stars to four stars or five get a 3% rebate from the state. new facilities, however, don't get any tax breaks and this five star compound was financed by a group of investors at a cost of almost 40 million euros. they are following the trend toward packaged holidays. guests can enjoy the meals, the beach and an evening disco all onsite. the surge in visitors has benefited those offering the all inclusive packages, but has left the trational tourist areas fairly empty. >> tourists never leave their hotels anymore. they do, they don't spend anything bauseheyet everything they want back at the hotel.
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>> it's worse than it was before 30 years ago before any tourist came here is a complaint. some days it is utterly deserted. >> they take a trip to see the countryside and then they disappear at dinnertime. >> we want to try and coax the tourists out of their hotels by offering more events, but i regret to say there is nothing we can do to halt the all-increws receive -- all inclusive trend. >> tourist now arrive from turkey. it's a welcome development for the souvenir shops and offers them a small piece of a tourism boon here in greece. >> what could be nicer than sitting outside a place with a wonderful view and a cold
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drink. goodbye from brussels.
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